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How We Can Help You.


Customized Valuation

Submit your business and receive our proprietary and customized valuation scorecard within 48 hours at no cost. In addition, we will provide you with a list of action items to increase your business’ value based on our methods in growing some of the biggest Amazon brands.


Due Diligence and Deal Documents

Our small, elite acquisitions team handles everything from end to end with a human touch. This will include your personalized due diligence portal, financial verification, legal paperwork and our migration process. Joining Trev Capital is a close to pain-free as possible in the eCommerce world.


Exit and Profit Share

Once we have finalized our deal, cash will hit your account within a few days. Our unique deal structures will allow you to continue receiving upside and a share of the profits as we accelerate your brand.


Accelerating Your Brand

In the first 100 days of your brand joining Trev Capital, we will kick-off the execution of hundreds of levers through our operations tech platform. This will take your brand to new heights and maximize your profit share.

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